Angela Anderson's BLOG

About Me

I am me, loving myself to health.

So, I'm supposed to write about me. As I am typing this I have one of my kitties, Mr. Izzy, laying in my lap, I also have Miss Gabby. I LOVE my kitties!!!  

The basics; I'm 38 years old, live in Mankato, MN, am an auntie to 2 beautiful nieces, artist, crocheter, caregiver, friend and so many more. The art images you'll see scattered throughout my blog are paintings and prints I made. 

I am currently on Social Security disability and am able to work part time as a CAREgiver with Home Instead Senior Care.  With the way my brain works traditional employment is not for me so I'm starting my own business. My dream is to become self supporting again. There is more about my business venture in the next column. 

Now, I suppose I should tell you why I'm writing a blog and why it's called Coached by Angela. The past few years I've been on a journey to better health. Along the way I've had mentors, coaches, trainers,  doctors, therapists and other people who have helped me in one way or another. But, I've never come accross someone who had been in my shoes or shoes like mine. Then I started thinking about what I had to offer. I truely believe I have a unique set of abilities that could be of service to others who are trying to lose weight and/or are on their own journey to better health.

One of the tools I have found is Herbalife. I love what Herbalife has done for me and so I decided to become a Herbalife Wellness Coach and start selling the products I've been using. When people order products through me or through my Herbalife website they will not only get great products, they will also get ME! I'm still in the initial phases of learning the biz and ramping up my knowledge base. I'm getting my training from the great people at Symmetry Nutrition Club here in Mankato, MN.  

I have also started studying to get my personal trainer certification. I hired a personal trainer for 6 months and while it was great working with him, I know I would have gotten more out of it if my trainer was someone more like me. After I get my certification I am going to get additional credentials as a health coach. I like the idea of having professionally recognized credentials. Of course my blog will be updated with my progress towards completion.